Forgotten Warriors
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Thank you for supporting veterans

Forgotten Warriors Project was founded on one simple premise, veterans deserve better or greater than the sacrifices they chose to give, in order for other to enjoy the blankets of freedom they do embellish. Many were drafted during the Vietnam War and World War II, yet they gave their all for this country

Sadly, the American promise by our nation's founders has been replaced with greed and corruption by the department given the honor to serve them. The money given by the American people is spent with no end, while leaving veterans scraping for depleted services. What was a great and proud country is no more.

There is much work to be done to restore the honor and sacrifices of millions of veterans who have served and some still serving. The money you donate will all go toward restoring those promises. We promise you every cent of transparency and accountability. If you can donate, somewhere a veteran's life may be saved.

God Bless
Donate $20.00 or more get a Forgotten Warriors Project Paracod bracelet for your support.